Ending on a High Note

Kelly Rosenblatt, Editor in Chief

Vandegrift’s Band and Vision Dance Co. won first place in their division at their last marching season competition last weekend. They also won three specialty awards for music, visual, and general effect. The victory at the Alamodome was a great way to bring the marching season to a close. Out of over forty other bands that competed, the Viper band finished fifteenth overall.

The Viper Band and Vision Dance Co. members are proud of how they performed, and the first place title is evidence of their hard work.  “With all the hard work we’ve put in this season, we are proud of where we have gotten in terms of the execution of our performance. The Alamodome was our best show yet and it was a nice conclusion to the season,” sophomore band member Evan Yu said.

For the senior band and Vision members, the Alamodome was the final marching season performance of their high school careers. “It’s exciting because even though our school is only four years old, we’ve accomplished so much, all thanks to Spicer,” senior Vision dancer Natasha Mealer said. Spicer is Jeremy Spicer, the Viper Band director since its inaugural season in 2008.

The bond that has developed among Band and the Vision Dance Co. builds a sense of community among the two divisions – musicians and dancers — that cohesively form Vandegrift’s marching band production. It shows vividly in their performances. “I love marching season because of the relationships we build with each other and how much fun we have spending time with each other,” sophomore band member Jill Fry said.

All of the blood, sweat, and tears paid off this Saturday at the Alamodome with the first place victory in their district.  With the possibility of the band making it to state next year, the work will continue, but for now, the band has proven its talent at its last competition of the season. The Viper Band and the Vision Dance Co. promises to hit the same high notes next season.