Legacies Prepare for iDance


Priyunka Maheshwari, Feature Editor

The Legacies will be performing in the annual production of iDance on Saturday at 1 and 7 p.m. iDance features all the high school dance teams and some middle school teams in the district through individual dances and combined performances.


“It’s cool how all the schools come together for their families and friends. It shows the unity and collaboration within the district,” senior Lieutenant Colonel Erica Reichman said.


The Legacies will be performing a variety of styles within their own team and with other schools. All the LISD dance officers will be performing to “All Around the World,” while the VHS officers will do their own dance to “I Spy.” The team contemporary, “1 in 88,” will be devoted to autism awareness, and the senior ensemble will perform “I Don’t Want to Leave.” Honor guards from all the schools will combine in “Call Me.” The Legacies chosen for the hip hop company will perform “Monster,” and all Legacies will perform in the finale, which will consist of all five schools.


“We’ve been practicing really hard before school and after school,” senior Lieutenant Colonel Lindsey Graff said.” It’s more than usual but it helps us know that’s we’re really ready.”


Tickets to iDance are $10 and can be bought from any Legacy. The performances will be held in the Leander High School Performing Arts Center. The funds from iDance will go toward general operating costs and team competition fees. All students and their families are encouraged to attend.


“iDance is amazing because it allows us to bond with other dance teams, and we’ve been working so hard,” senior Colonel Brittany Le said.