Vandegrift Embraces Technology

Denise Bui, Web Editor

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For the first time at Vandegrift, students are permitted to bring their own electronic devices to school, including laptops and mobile devices.

Students are encouraged to use electronic devices for school purposes. Technology is advancing at Vandegrift, with opportunities of students to sign up for Personalized Information Time (PIT) and use school-officiated student emails.

“I love it. I think it’s good to give students that responsibility,” physics teacher Andrew Perrone said. “It is also easier for teachers and students with smart phones to have them do it themselves.”

However, like most school policies, this provision comes with guidelines and restrictions, in the interest of the students and faculty. These may be found in the Leander ISD Student and Parent Handbook under “Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines.”

“I think, generally, it’s a good thing because we can sign up whenever we want. We don’t have to wait for teachers,” senior Allison Norell said. “But they should fix it so it works on different internet browsers.

Students were required to watch a PowerPoint presentation about the proper use of technology on campus grounds, in order for them to be completely aware of the rules and regulations and the dangers of abusing the new policy. Some do not view the school-provided emails, the key to access Google Apps for Education, with enthusiasm.

“I feel like it’s a redundancy,” senior Toni Perez said. “We already have our own emails. Why do we need school emails?”

As students and staff become more accustomed to these new school policies that enable access to their laptops and cellphones, the school continues to change.