Vandegrift Theater Performs “The Matchmaker”

Maggie Talbot, Staff Writer

The Vandegrift theater department is putting on its fifth annual fall play, The Matchmaker, on October fourth at seven o’clock. The production, starring Olsen Kelly and Nicolas Birk, will have three performances in the Vandegrift auditorium from the fourth to the sixth, including a Saturday matinee.

This comedy, performed both by old and new viper actors, promises conniving plots, character mixups, relationships, and of course matchmaking. Senior Maria Taylor is leading this production as Assistant Director to Theater Director Mrs. Ray. 

“It’s a ton of fun being the assistant director,” Taylor said. “I’ve got all these ideas that Mrs. Ray lets me talk about, and it’s great practice for my future career.”

Young vipers are starting their involvement in the theater department with this years first production. In The Matchmaker, freshman Max Hunter plays Joe Scanlon, an angry barber, performing along with veteran actors Olsen Kelly and Nicolas Birk.

“Rehearsals are a lot different from middle school. They’re a lot more organized and really fun,” Hunter said.

Drama Club President Olsen Kelly is excited to have the star role for his first time in a Vandegrift production. He has had notable roles in past viper productions including our first musical Kiss Me Kate.

“My favorite part of this production is getting to play a role in a leading position: something that I am doing for the first time at VHS,” Kelly said. “People should come see this production because it’s witty, humorous, and just a great time!”