Chior Presents 2nd Annual Spring Show

Ramie Ruble, Staff Writer

The Vandegrift High School choir will present its second annual spring show on Friday April 11 and Saturday April 12, at 7 pm in the Performing Arts Center.  The show centers on pop and modern day music, along with featuring songs from the Broadway musical Spring Awakening.

“Spring show is a fun performance and lots of energy comes together with lights, sound, and dancing,” chior director Mr. Ferris said.

The show features performances from the A cappella choir, Chorale Women’s choir, Men’s choir and many solos, duets, and small groups in between.  All performing groups have been practicing for weeks, both in class and outside of school, to prepare for the performances.  A lot of effort has been put into the spring show in making sure everyone knows their songs and choreography.

“The hardest part is transitioning my voice from choral to pop, but other than that it is pretty normal,” junior Kelly McChestney said.

The second act of the show features not only pop music, but music from the musical Spring Awakening.  The students performing in that section of the show have worked hard to make the music come to life and give people a taste of the spirit of the musical. 

“It’s going to be entertaining,” sophomore Katie Frierson said.

Tickets for the show can be purchased for $8 at the door.  There will also be concessions and flowers that you can purchase for your friends performing in the show.