Oh My Gas!

Zoe Lopez, Staff Writer

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Although gas prices continue to soar throughout the United States, high school parking lots are as full as ever. Having an off period, busy parents and after-school sports or activities keeps people from riding the bus to and from school.

Local gas stations, such as Valero on 620 and Shell in Steiner Ranch, have gas available for about $3.79 a gallon. According to AustinGasPrices.com, the lowest price per gallon in Austin is currently $3.60, located downtown on Cesar Chavez and Chalmers, while the highest price per gallon is $3.99 on Hyridge and Mopac. California and Wyoming, the states with the highest price per gallon, rise to $4.55 a gallon.

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“I have a Chevrolet Suburban. It takes me $100.00 to fill it up, which makes me want to cry,” junior Brittany Crowdus said.

Though some students have parents who pay for their gas every week, many students are looking to apply for jobs nearby at places like Randall’s, Flores and the UT Golf Club restaurant.

“I had to get a job because my parents were annoyed with paying for my gas. The money I earn from Randall’s goes towards my gas and anything else I might want,” junior Brianna Tongson said.

Although students drive their cars to and from school for convenience, driving is also an “image” thing. Many students don’t mind how much it takes to fill up their tank or what their cars look like, as long as they can drive.

“I really like driving because I have freedom to do what I want without having to drag a parent around; it’s just a part of the fun in high school,” junior Mollie Bailey said.