Finals Exemptions Due Monday

Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

   Beginning December 14, 2010, Vandegrift students will begin taking their midterm exams. Along with midterm stress comes exemption dilemmas as students do their best to take the least number of midterms and finals they can.

   Students can receive a maximum of four exemptions if they meet all criteria. Students can also earn extra incentive exemptions second semester, leaving students to decide whether they believe they can exempt both the midterm and final for classes.

   Student exemption sheets are due to the guidance office by Monday, December 13th. Students must secure teacher approval to exempt a class. If a student has passing grades and less than three absences per class, he or she can exempt the first semester exams and potentially earn an incentive exemption as well.

   Last year, students took midterms after winter break. This year, the new schedule has allowed for students to fully enjoy their Christmas break without worry. The start of Christmas break will mark a new semester, and students that did not earn exemptions for midterms can start fresh for finals.