Open House

Taylor Watson, staff writer

 Vandegrift High School’s annual Open House takes place on Monday, September 13. Parents, students and teachers will come together to learn about the new school year. Parents will attend a shortened schedule of their child’s school day, where they will meet the teachers their kids spend so much time with.

Some teachers choose to wing it, while others like Ms. Koble, an Algebra II Pre-Cal teacher, created a Power Point for her classes to make sure nothing was left unspoken. Teachers and students are buzzing about the events and student organizations are getting involved.

“NHS is babysitting teachers’ kids while they speak,” National Honor Society TreasurerAshley Munoz said.

PALS has a job too, “We are leading parents to where they need to go,” Jenna Mertz, a PALS member, said.

Open House will begin at 6:30 PM on Monday evening.