Swimming Q&A


Quote said by sophomore Gabby Fowler who is on the Vandegrift swim team.

Gabriella Sevieri, Staff Reporter

Interviewer: Gabriella Sevieri

Interviewee: Gabby Fowler


Sports can impact your life in many different ways, whether that be through making friends, doing what you love or any way else that affects you when on a team. For sophomore Gabby Fowler, swimming has been something that she has enjoyed being a part of since second grade.  


Q: How many years have you been competing in swim meets? Year round, I have been on a competing team since second grade. I was around seven years old when I first started and now I’m sixteen, so I have been swimming for nine years. 


Q: Is it something you see yourself doing in college? At first, I had the  thought that I would swim in college but now I just don’t see myself doing it anymore. It’s been super fun throughout the years, but when I get to be in college I want to focus on my academics and campus life. 


Q: What is the thing you enjoy most about swimming? The best thing about being on the team is the friendships you make. I love how close everyone is to each other, it’s really nice because I have something in common with everyone. It is also fun to go to swim meets because my friends are there as well. 


Q: Have you made a lot of good friends through the swim team? My answer correlates to the last one, but yes. I have made really good friends through being on the team and going to meet with everyone. I feel like it is super easy to get close with the people on the team because we are all interested in one of the same things. 

Q: What is the hardest part of being on the team? One of the hardest things about being on the team is the fact that you have to get up very early almost every morning. It also takes a lot of commitment, it’s not like a normal class where you just show up. There has to be effort put into the team and you have to show that you’re committed to the sport.