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Dos and don’ts of getting through that last week of the six weeks

Jennifer Walker, Editor in Chief

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Here we are again. As the last week of the first six weeks comes to a close, assignments are graded, tests are turned in and students across Leander ISD are stressed. Only a few days are left of the last week of this six weeks. Here’s how to get through these last few days of the grading period.

1. DO use your time wisely.

You know when you’re done with an assignment in class and you’re sitting around looking at your phone? Use that time to study for that test you have tomorrow. Every minute adds up.

2. DON’T stay up late.

Seriously, you hear this in every tip article. Everyone needs sleep, and teenagers need 8-10  hours of sleep according to the National Sleep Foundation. Do I have to keep reminding you?

3. DON’T think the week is never going to end.

Trust me- it’s not going to help you to feel miserable. You’ve already made it this far through the week. It’s only a few more days. Just think of how happy you’ll feel once you get to the weekend!

4. DO use Quizlet.

Aka the best study tool ever made. Quizlet houses millions of flashcard sets created by other students and teachers, but the best feature is being able to create your own. You can make a free account here.

5. DO hang out with friends on Friday.

You earned it!



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Dos and don’ts of getting through that last week of the six weeks