Fast 5 with E-Sports member sophomore Selena Xu



E-Sports competes in largely online multiplayer competitive games and is sponsored by Elle LeBlanc.

Shivaali Vibarajan, Staff Reporter

Why did you join E-Sports?

I really like playing video games. The whole community is nice to be with as well.

What do you do in E-Sports? What does a club meeting look like?

We play video games, like with HPCL which is the high school level E-Sports League. We can also get scholarships from competitions. 

What do your competitions look like? How do they work?

We play online, and from what I know, the Valorant game is probably the one we play the most.  

What are the games you play the most?

From the games that we’ve played, the Valorant game is probably the one most active.  

What do you think is the best part about E-Sports?

I think, the best part is the sense of community in the club and meeting new people.