Fast 5 with DECA member junior Kunaal Chawla


Aisha Rashid

DECA is the competitive business and marketing organization sponsored by Mr. Benson.

Aisha Rashid, Staff Reporter

Why did you decide to join DECA?

I joined DECA to get some more experience with business related clubs.

What is your goal in DECA this year?

My goal in DECA is to try and make it to ICDC and virtual business.

What is the collaboration between DECA members like?

The collaboration between DECA members is really good because you get to work in teams and it’s very incorporative.

Why would you encourage others to join the club?

I would encourage others to join the club because the club is very inclusive and it’s great to broaden what you want to do in life [and] get better perspectives.

What is your favorite part of competing?

I haven’t competed yet. It’s my first year but it seems fun.