Peek inside asian culture club


Dayna Ung

Various Asian Culture Club members share their diverse cultures and unique traditions.

Dayna Ung, Staff Reporter

Where in Asia are you from?

Ramachandran: India

Nguyen: Vietnam

Suraparaju: India

Favorite Asian food?

Ramachandran: Ramen – Japanese noodle soup in a flavoured broth, one of a variety of types of noodle and a selection of meats or vegetables.

Nguyen: Bo la lot – Beef wrapped in betel leaf

Suraparaju: I like garlic naan. Normally, it’s a form of flat bread with garlic cloves on top. It’s very flavorful especially with side dishes.

What are some of your most unique Asian customs?       

Ramachandran: Indian weddings are often multi-day affairs and involve many intricate ceremonies, such as the painting of the hands and feet with mehendi or henna.

Nguyen: Tết. It’s a Vietnamese spring festival that’s really beautiful. It embodies the traditional food, clothing, flowers, and songs we love and celebrate

Suraparaju: We have this tradition called Holi, which is known as the “festival of love” or “festival of color.” I really enjoy this holiday as it’s a carefree and fun day where you get to play with bright colors and see family. 

Who do you think is one of the most prominent role models for Asians? Why?

Ramachandran: Sharuh Khan

Nguyen: For Viets, we watch Paris By Night (music show) and the hosts (Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn and Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên) are very influential figures 

Who is one of your favorite Asian celebrities? Why?

Nguyen: Taeyeon because she’s been criticized and ripped apart by Knetz but still is one of the biggest artists in South Korea. She’s incredibly talented and strong. She’s been through a lot of hate so she doesn’t care to bite back anymore. She’s just releasing music and living life at the moment. I love how she chooses to empower women and isn’t afraid to feel empowered (in South Korea it’s very controversial to be a feminist).

Favorite Asian song?

Ramachandran: Balam Pichkari

Nguyen: ラブレター YOASOBI

Suraparaju: Fancy

What makes your culture unique?

Ramachandran: There are so many different types of culture and language within India— it’s diversity within a region is unique.

Nguyen: The food, music and the environment.

Suraparaju: I think it’s unique because it’s one of the oldest cultures with a lot of history and meaning to it. It makes me who I am and I am proud of my culture.