Students become the teacher

Ready Set Teach students prepare to go off-site for their student teacher internships


Submitted by Kendall Ligon

Pictured Left to Right: Kate Cartwright, Isabel Rasmussen, Kendall Ligon, and Camille Reyes

Arabella Villarroel, Staff Reporter

Soon to be teachers, the students at Vandegrift involved in Ready Set Teach, on October 18th, will be heading off site to begin their internships.

Ready Set Teach is a class where students interested in becoming instructors can join and learn everything from how to make lesson plans, to actually going in person to teach a class. And starting at the end of October, the students in Ready Set Teach 2 and 3, will set off to begin their internship up until the end of the school year.

“I’m so excited to go and actually be able to teach in person, since the last experience I had was sophomore year, and now I’m a senior,” senior Kendall Ligon said. “I just hope the kids like me.”

The students were able to pick any school in Leander ISD, either middle school or elementary, and then also request a grade and even a teacher that they would like to work with.

“I picked Steiner Ranch Elementary because first of all, it’s super close to where I live so not a far commute,” a junior who wished to go by Rainbow said. “And second of all, that was my elementary school so it will be nice to go back.”

In the mornings, the students will go to their chosen school and be a student teacher. This all occurs during the class period so there is no overlap between classes for them. 

“It’s gonna be a little tough since we have to be at the schools at 7:15 in the morning,” Ligon said. “But it’s nice because it’s just during our class period so I don’t have to miss my second period.”

There are certain certifications that students are required to obtain in order to actually be a student teacher. These include CareerSafe, StartSafe, Preparing Certification (OSHA), AAFCS Pre-Pac Educational Fundamentals Certification, and TEA Education Aide.

“It’s not just you show up and are like ‘oh I wanna be a teacher’,” Rainbow said. “You have to work for your qualifications.”

Some students have gotten inspiration from their teachers to become a teacher, for example, Rainbow.

“Fingers crossed that I get to work with the teacher that made me want to be a teacher,” Rainbow said. “It would really be a full circle moment.”