Picture perfect start

Q&A with president of the photography club


Submitted by Sierra Allen

A photo taken by Sierra Allen of her friend Peri for photography club.

Arabella Villarroel, Staff Reporter

Q: When did you start the club?

A: I started it last year, my sophomore year. My freshman year I joined a photography club, but it didn’t last very long because it was run by seniors, so they had it on Fridays, but we never really met. 

Q:Why did you found the club?

A: I wanted to almost revive the club, since it had disbanded. And I really love photography. I love that I can share this passion with other people, or even just meet people who like doing photography.

Q: What does a regular meeting look like?

A: We have different things that we do each meeting. We have four weeks in which we do different things each week. So our first meeting is that we learn about a photographer and what they do and how they photograph. The second week we have people study a photographer and then take a photo inspired by them, but still using their own creativity. Then the third week is more of the fun week where we just chill, go over tips and tricks. It’s more of a team bonding week. And then finally on week four is the gallery week, so everyone can see what everyone has been gathering up since week one. 

Q: When does the club have its first meeting?

A: I am hoping for this Wednesday. We have a sponsor and they don’t have a meeting, so if everything works out, we should meet on Wednesday.

Q: What would you say to someone hesitant about joining the club?

A: There’s a large range of levels of experience. You have people that have never photographed in their life and there’s people who use their phones. We are all pretty chill, there’s no judgement. You don’t have to be “good enough” at photography, everyone is amazing at photography in general.  Especially from last year, you see the growth and it’s just beautiful.