C-Squared holds Hawaiian themed lock-in after school


Chloe Strader, Staff Reporter

This past weekend kicked off with a lock-in on Friday, held by C-Squared (Coalition of Kindness Club) in Building 2. The lock-in was held to help members of the club work on skills needed to spread kindness and positivity throughout the school. Over 50 students showed up to the lock-in.

“The lock-in was in the works since the first semester of school,” C-Squared platinum member Andrew Pena said. “We would have C Squared meetings every Monday, where we would plan the activities and discussion topics that would be at the lock-in.”

The event had a set schedule to make the most out of the seven hour night. The lock-in started with students entering the building and checking in, followed by dinner, which was Chick- fil-a sandwiches and nuggets. Then members were divided into teams and given time to get to know each other. Retired PALS teacher Mrs. Gallagher led a talk on the power of making the world a better place for others and oneself.

“It was really cool to get to see Mrs. Gallagher walking the halls again even if it was just for a night,” Pena said. “For her to come back and spread some more of her wisdom and kindness on this lock-in was really something special.”

C-Squared has worked on many small projects that made a large impact throughout the year. One being the goody bags that were given to bus drivers during Bus Driver Appreciation Week. The bags contained thank you letters and affirmations written by the students who ride the bus. Affirmations are no strangers to C-Squared. At the lock-in, every team was required to write at minimum one affirmation for all eleven people on their team before the end of the night.

“The students were asked to write affirmations for all of the members of their team and sign their names on the note,” C-Squared sponsor Matthew Roumelis said. “We thought that it was a great way for them to get out of their comfort zone and confidently communicate their feelings. We also wanted everyone leaving the lock-in knowing that they had a friend.”

The lock-in ended with a closing conversation where students were challenged to discuss and create solutions to the exclusion of students in the school. The overall conclusion was that, people, students in particular, need to understand that they are all going through the motions of high school. Teenagers have to stick together, and stop worrying about being inferior to others and more about their personalities as a whole.