QuadX places first at FTC qualifer


Harshita Avirneni , Staff Reporter

Last Saturday, team 6299 QuadX placed first in their division at their second FTC qualifier, winning five of their matches. They got a total of 531 ranking points (RP) and a maximum of 10 qualifying points (QP).

“For this competition, we prepared by refining all of our mechanisms and running them to make sure they worked smoothly,” Project Manager and sophomore Rebecca Bates said. “My favorite part about the competitions is being able to watch the matches and see all the robots in action compete against each other.”

In each match, each team is paired up with another, making it a two on two match with a total of four robots in the ring. QP is based on the results of the match, 2 points for winning, 1 point for tieing, and 0 points for losing. RP represents the amount of points an alliance’s opponent scores in a match, showing how difficult the teams they faced were.

“In order to prepare for the most recent competition, we invited many teams from other high schools to come and drive their robot with ours so that actual matches against other teams that are not from our school,” Assistant Project Manager and senior Chandler Pryor said. “[My favorite part is] the community and getting to know new people.”

For the next competition, QuadX is planning on improving their software and adding a relic grabber, a mechanism to get more points, to ensure top spots at the coming events. They are planning on having more outreach, specifically participating in events directed toward STEM.

“It’s really inclusive,” Marketing Lead and sophomore Tanvi Siruvuri said. “Everyone is accepting of each other. You get to really use what you’re good at and utilize your specialities for the benefit of the robot. You get to contribute to something that is really cool.”