FFA at houston rodeo

Blakely Dimiero and Peyton Klam

Over the weekends of March 17-19 and 24-26, FFA was in Houston for the Rodeo where teams competed and other teams judged.

“It was a really tough competition,” freshman Madeleine Rawlings said. “There were a whole bunch of kids that were there and the rings were filled with different breeds of cattle.”

FFA stands for Future Farmers of America and has a very wide variety of parts within the club.

“You join FFA to gain knowledge and experience,” senior Tori Maher said. “I’m building a smoker in one class but I have a friend in another class who’s arranging floral events for competitions.”

Although the groups did ge to miss a whole week of school, it wasn’t all fun and games. There were many situations when he students were put on a time crunch and a whole lot of pressure.

“It was a really busy and chaotic week,” Rawlings said. “ There we people that were constantly upset just because of having to give up their project they had been working on for over a year and a half, but everyone knows what they are getting into once they start it.

The FFA students had quite the audience this year. The rodeo brought in around 226,000. people each weekend.

“It’s the biggest rodeo in the world,” senior Julia Tate said. “It was such an honor to be apart of it.”