Robotics advances to South Super Regionals

Lane Williard and Kate Schulte


Robotics teams 6209, 6299 and 7161 are advancing to South Super Regionals in Athens, GA in three weeks.

“The game was a lot different this year so we had to adjust what we were used to and meet deadlines earlier,” Senior Emily Fashenpour said. “I’m proud of how far we’ve come this year and how we’ve improved as a team.”

Five teams received awards at the Regional meet. Team 4545 won the Innovate Award Finalist, and the control award finalist, Team 6299 won the inspire award, design award, and and control finalist, Team 7161 won the innovate award and the think award, and Team 11503 won the connect award.

“I felt good to get recognition from our hard work” freshman Cole Ibanez said. “It was fun to spend time with everyone on the team and hang out in San Antonio.”