Junior creates anime club

Stephen King, Writer

Anime is a great form of animation that is loved, not just by the Japanese, but also by others. There is going to be a student-led-organization all about anime founded by junior Lauren Such.

“I discovered anime when I was in sixth grade, when I watched D.N.Angel,” Such said. “I stayed up all night watching that show.”

Every Friday, members will watch one episode of any particular anime in the room of club sponsor and teacher Mr. Schocken, and discuss the show. They will discuss what the members like and dislike, the art style, humor qualities and voice acting. The only kind of anime that will be shown will be anime for children.

“We wanted to do clean anime,” Such said. “Ones that are fun and exciting, but still appropriate.”

The club will not only be great for television entertainment along with the possibility of food being involved, but it will also give members appreciation for the Japanese culture.

“It will give members a very different kind of view of the culture,” Such said. “I think it’s going to be a good addition to the school.”

Some students have already joined the club, such as junior Maxwell Bowman.

“I hope the club will be fun,” Bowman said. “One of my favorites is Berserk.”

This was not the first time Lauren Such started the club. She has done it before when she was in seventh grade at he previous school she attended and kept it up until eighth grade, but then she moved to Texas and became distracted by extracurricular activities.

“I had the club in Ohio,” Such said. “It was something I’ll never forget and it was really something special.”