UIL Debate Goes Second at Round Rock

Kevin Erm, Staff Writer

On Jan. 31, the UIL debate team placed second in novice debate, second in varsity debate and sixth place persuasive extemp speaking.

“It was a tough competition,” debate teacher Whitney Clearman said. “There were about 60 schools present and we really had to do our best but I think we did well.”

Debate is a way for students to express opinions and ideas to a large audience and let their voice be heard.

“It’s very competitive,” freshman Jake Painter said. “It gives you an opportunity to share your skills and talk to other people and debate about things.”

Debate gives students a chance to be around like minded people to share their opinions with.

“I like being around people with a common interest, which is speaking which a lot of people don’t have,” junior Hannah Olsen said. “And I think I am a decent debater.”

The team has done well so far but improving and practicing their skills could still take them farther.

“We’re very good at coming up with arguments but of course there’s lots a room for improvement,” Clearman said. “For a lot of people it’s there first year, so we’re going to continue to work on improving our debates.”

UIL will have a tournament with Lake Travis HS this Saturday.

“I think we are very strong speakers and we’re very good a debating,” Clearman said. “We’re very good at coming up with arguments. And next year we plan on being even better.”