LEGO Club starts its Statue Building

Senior Keith Tran founded the LEGO Club, a student lead club new to VHS this year.

Stephen King Photo

Senior Keith Tran founded the LEGO Club, a student lead club new to VHS this year.

Stephen King, Staff writer

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The LEGO Club voted today at their meeting during PIT on what statue they will start constructing for the school.

“It’s kind of like a parting gift from the senior class,” Keith Tran, the club founder, said. “Since this is the first year that the LEGO Club’s here, we need to do something special, besides just being here.”

The members had a list of choices to vote on: Keith riding a dinosaur, the VHS logo, a viper, a donut, a giant LEGO brick, a Building, and Gundam. The members decided on Tran riding a dinosaur with a donut. The statue won’t be of just randomly colored pieces, there will be color scheme for it.

“We just can’t have random colors even though it’s a creative idea,” Tran said. “Random colors are just kind of an eye sore and this need to be a work of art to represent the creativity of this club.”

The club will be split into three or four teams to build the statue. Each team will be building a different section. Despite this, they are not very clear on when the statue will be done.

“Hopefully by mid-May,” Tran said. “That’s what I’m hoping for. Once I get all the pieces, I’ll get a better estimate.”

After the statue is done, it will possibly be put in the courtyard or the front of school, though the decision has yet to be made. Tran is going to get the location placement approved by the counselors in his own way.

“It’s going to be a secret,” Tran said. “We’ll keep this on the down low.”

Until then, they will put their hard work and creativity to good use.

“Let’s build a statue and make something awesome!” Tran said.