Meet the French National Honor Society officer candidates

Abby Knowles, Feature Editor, Ads Manager

French National Honor Society is holding officer elections Oct. 3, during PIT. Meet the candidates and learn why they are running for office:

Jorge Morales-Burnett is running for vice president.
“The French National Honor Society is an up and coming organization. It is growing and has a membership of exceptional people. That’s the main reason I’m running for VP; to be part of this transformation and to make myself useful in this leadership position. I’d say that one of my favorite things about FNHS is its fundamental idea that ‘homme qui sait deux langues en vaut deux,’ he who knows two languages, is worth two.
One of my main priorities for FNHS will be to increase its involvement and impact in our school and community; no only locally or nationally, but also internationally. I believe I’m a great candidate for this job, not only because I have a great passion for service, but also, because I have an immense pride in my cultural background and enjoy learning about others’ cultural background. I’m a native Spanish speaker and chose to learn French to have a more diverse understanding of our world. Additionally, I’m very reliable, open to everyone, and most importantly, responsible. I will aid the President to the best of my ability but also express the ideas and concerns of every member. That’s why I’m running for Vice President.”

Abrabella Olsen is running for president.
“I decided to run because I would love to be in charge of such a cool organization, especially since it is all about French! My favorite part is the prestige and the knowledge that you tried just a bit harder in French class than the rest to be eligible for FNHS. I would like to change how organized it is, as well as what fun activities we do inside and outside meetings, and to bring FNHS closer to third world French speaking countries in need. People should elect me because I am not over committed like some people, and I truly would work hard to make FNHS a better, culturally enlightening experience.”

Laura Figi is running for vice president.
“I decided to run because I think FNHS (SHF- Société Honoraire de Français) is a unique cultural and intellectual organization that I am lucky to be a part of.  My favorite part about FNHS is the commitment that is shown by all the members. Its clear that everyone wants to be there. I would like to make FNHS a more well-known organization. Members deserve recognition and this can be done by promoting more activities.
People should elect me because of my dedication to French. This is my third year and I don’t plan on stopping there. French is a high priority to me and very involved in my life. I would be able to attend every meeting and I would be diligent with all the duties that come along with the position of vice president.”

Greta Handing is running for secretary and/or VP.
“I decided to run because I have been a part of French at VHS since I was a freshman, and now, as a senior, I would like to play a more active role. My favorite parts of SFH are the additional exposure to the French culture (food, language, etc.) and the opportunity to make a French-based difference in the community. I would like to increase the level of both student involvement SHF and the level of community involvement in the organization itself. People should elect me because I will work hard to improve SHF and because I am extremely organized.”

Kristina Nguyen is running for president.
“I decided to run because I would love to participate in starting up the French Honor Society program at Vandegrift and contributing my various ideas and projects for the club. My favorite part of FHS so far are the people – everybody is really friendly with each other and we all love French. I would love to get us involved in international projects and start discussions about important current events. I’d like FHS to become more active and for us to do things around the community. We can start tutoring French 1-2, as Madame Simone has suggested, and help out around the school. I am reliable, committed, focused, and responsible and I have a great passion for French and the French program at school. I have a lot of ideas to contribute, but I am also open to all voices in the society. I feel like I can make this program a success.”

Arham Siddiqui is running for president.
“National French Honor society has been a dormant and unmanaged group, and I feel that I can change that by making the honor society be active and have volunteer opportunities.
We are the only language based honor society in Vandegrift. Everyone would have something to do every meeting, everyone would be participating instead of being in their own small groups, everyone would have volunteer services to participate in, and finally, everyone would be exposed to something french related every meeting. I have many ideas for this honor society and I am willing to spend all my time planning meetings and making the society something more than what it was last year, and make it one of the most actively participated society in Vandegrift.”

Trevor Egerton is running for treasurer.
“I really have enjoyed French and French Club and believe that I can make National French Honor society into an equally rewarding organization. My favorite part of National French Honor Society is the opportunities Madam and other officers give out for service in the world of French here at Vandegrift. I would like to make National French Honor Society into a more distinct and powerful organization within the school, with an obvious separation between it and French Club. People should elect me to the office of treasurer because I am a good math student, and I will work hard for the club and show up to all the meetings.”

Eva Gonzalez Villanueva is running for historian.
“I love the french language. I think that by becoming an officer in the FHS, I’ll have a chance to share this fantastic language and francophone nations/cultures with everyone else in VHS.  The ability to reach out to everyone who is interested, or might become interested in the french language and culture.  I would like to contribute to make decisions over social service projects, along with activities that will promote our organization with everyone else at school. Give everyone a taste of French!  People should elect me because I believe I can be an influence in organizing cool activities for all that will promulgate the francophone culture.”

James Nguyen is running for all positions.
“I wanted to try something new.  I want to help others.  FNHS should do more volunteer work outside of the school.  People should elect me because I believe I am responsible and dedicated.”