Club Spotlight: UNICEF


Kelly Honts, Web Editor

Sophomore Kimberly Morries reveals inside scoop on UNICEF.

1.       How long has UNICEF been at Vandegrift?

This is UNICEF’s first year at Vandegrift.

2.       What is your favorite part about UNICEF?

My favorite part of UNICEF is knowing that I am helping to change the lives of children around the world. We do a lot of volunteering.

3.       Explain what you do in UNICEF what are some of your daily tasks for the club?

We discuss problems that are currently affecting children throughout the world and brainstorm ways to fix them.

4.       What kind of person is UNICEF looking for/what should potential members have/expect to learn?

Somebody who is willing help out and volunteer within the community.

5.       When/how often does UNICEF meet?

UNICEF meets about once a month during PIT and has some outside of school events.

6.       What is the environment like in UNICEF how do people interact/treat each other?

UNICEF has a really relaxed environment. Everyone in the club is really friendly.

7.       What’s something that people may not know about UNICEF if they’re not in it?

They may not know how much we do for kids in the world today. They also may not know that UNICEF stands for United Nations Children’s Fund.