Club Spotlight: French Honor Society

Sarah Davis, Sports Center

Q: How long has French Honor Society been at Vandegrift?

A: 4 years


Q: What is your favorite part about French Honor Society?

A: Rewarding students who are passionate and motivated about French


Q: What do you do in French Honor Society?

A: Upperclassmen pin underclassmen at our Induction Ceremony and we sometimes are able to do community service.  We also promote the study of the French language in the community.


Q: What should potential members have to be in French Honor Society?

A: Students must have an A average in French and be in at least 2nd semester French 2 to be eligible.


Q: When/how often does French Honor Society meet?

A: We meet a few times a year.


Q: What is the environment like in French Honor Society?

A: Students have a great camaraderie and get excited about their recognition.


Q: What’s something that people may not know about FHS if they’re not in it?

A: Students can wear the official bleu-blanc-rouge (blue/white/red) cords at VHS graduation! French continues to rank as the #2 international business language other than English, second only to Mandarin Chinese.