Club Spotlight: Creative Writing Club

Katie Grace , Staff Writer

An interview with the club sponsor, Mrs. Chockla, of the Creative Writing Club.

How long has Creative Writing Club been at Vandegrift?
 This is the first year!

What is your favorite part about Creative Writing Club?
The club is a student run writer’s workshop, and I love seeing student leadership in action with efforts channeled toward creative goals in exploring new kinds of writing. The enthusiasm and energy the group brings to my classroom is so exciting, and it makes me look forward to PIT every Thursday!

 What you do in Creative Writing Club and what are some of your daily tasks for the club?
Students connect at the beginning of club time to set a goal or activity, spend the majority of PIT time writing, and take about 10 minutes to share their writing at the end of the period. Members keep a running portfolio together, and always inspire one another with new perspectives, styles and ideas.

What kind of person is Creative Writing Club looking for and what should potential members expect to learn?
Anyone who is interested in writing is welcome! Students who join can expect to explore a variety of creative writing practices and enjoy the company and camaraderie of an awesome group of VHS Vipers!

When often does Creative Writing Club meet?
The Creative Writing Club meets every Thursday during PIT.

What is the environment like in Creative Writing Club and how do people interact/treat each other?
The club is a student led organization, and members take turns crafting prompts and leading writing activities. Attendance changes week to week, and is consistently growing, but the core group maintains strong focus, organization and purpose.

What’s something that people may not know about Creative Writing Club if they’re not in it?
Many people would be so amazed to realize how much incredible talent for creative writing exists at our school. Members are currently writing incredible song lyrics, poetry, and even novels! People may also be surprised to see exactly how much inspiration sparks in writers of all levels and interests through sharing in the process and challenges creative writing. When writers collaborate, stretch with new challenges, and have a supportive forum to share their work, the results are truly incredible.