Club Spotlight: Student Council

Katie Grace , Staff Writer

Question: How long has Student Council been at Vandegrift?

Answer: Student Council has been a part of Vandegrift since 2010.

Question:  What is your favorite part about Student Council?

 Answer: I love to students join together to promote spirit and productivity at Vandegrift. It’s really amazing to see students take on a leadership role and guide others.

 Question: What do you do in Student Council/what are some of your daily tasks for the club?     

Answer: Student Council is a student-led/student driven club. Club members organize events at Vandegrift (like Homecoming, Relay for Life, Red Ribbon Week, etc.), promote school spirit, and voice opinions about the school they attend. Additionally, Student Council strives to improve the welfare of student life, promote good citizenship, and foster better relations between students, faculty and staff, administration, and community.

Question: What kind of person is Student Council looking for/what should potential members have/expect to learn?

Answer: We look for leaders to promote a positive environment at Vandegrift. We want members to feel like they have a say in what happens at Vandegrift. We want students to know that they can have a voice in their high school experience.

Question: When/how often does Student Council meet?

Answer: The general council meets bi-monthly, Fridays during PIT. The executive Student Council Officers meet once a week, and the Student Body Class officers meet once a month with the executive council. 

Question: What is the environment like in Student Council /how do people interact/treat each other?      

Answer: Members are very welcoming in Student Council. We interact respectfully and with determination. Student Council members are driven leaders.

Question: What’s something that people may not know about Student Council if they’re not in it?      

Answer: Student Council does a lot of “behind the scenes” work. Members have an opportunity to propose events at our school, organize fundraising events, and gear activities towards student interest.