Club Spotlight: FFA

Zoe Dowley, Staff Writer

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How long has FFA been at Vandegrift?

The Vandegrift FFA is in its fourth year.

What’s your favorite part about FFA?

My favorite part of FFA is the many different ways I am able to interact with students. FFA isn’t just

about raising an animal, the leadership opportunities within FFA are many. I am able to watch students step

up and lead. Watching students come up with creative ideas and bring new things to FFA is a fun part of my

job. I spend a lot of time with students in and out of class, getting to know my student’s even better is the

best part for me as an advisor.

What are some things students do in FFA?

In FFA we have leadership opportunities, we work on job skills, competitive teams in leadership and in

livestock, we have a very active floral and ag mech component of the organization as well. We take part in community

service projects and try to give back to the community as well. The spring semester will be busy with livestock shows

and competitive livestock, floral, and veterinary technician competitions as well.

Who all can be in the club?

Any student may be a part of FFA as long as they are enrolled in at least one agriculture class.

When and how often does FFA meet?

FFA meets once a month

What is something you wouldn’t know about FFA if you weren’t in it?

If you were not a part of FFA you wouldn’t realize how close everyone is. FFA is like a large family where

everyone is willing to help one another.

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