HOSA Area One Competition 

February 17, 2021

HOSA had their first Area One competition on Jan. 4 and was split up into different categories. Because this was the first time a competition has been virtual a lot of confusion arose. 

“This year everyone’s just kind of confused about how everything works,” HOSA president Anish Pandya said. “You can take the test from home, so there’s a lot of uncertainty of how it’s regulated. I think that everyone who did compete, they know how the test looks and they’re going to do a lot better next season.”

In Area One, 28 students registered to compete in 13 different categories, some being Medical Math, Dental Science, Pathophysiology, etc. Results from the first competition will be released Feb. 10.  

“Competition signs up are in the fall,” secretary Aidan Tran said. “We prepared our members by giving them all the links to the materials that they’ll need. They basically study up until they take their tests for their competition.” 

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