Nicholas Scoggins

Ever since school has been called off, I have worked diligently to get my digital work done. I wake up early in the morning, so I can get it out of the way and not have to worry about it for the rest of the week. It usually does not take very long for me to get it done as it is not that much work.

In addition to my assigned tasks from school, I have also worked on many other things. I have made a considerable effort to tidy my home, practiced driving and read considerably.  In addition, I have also done many things for fun. I have played my favorite video games, looked at future vacation plans and talked to friends and family.  

One thing I hate about this social distancing, even though I know why it is in place and support it, is that I am not able to see my friends. While I can talk to them on the phone, it is not that same as talking to them in person. Nevertheless, I try to talk with my friends as much as possible to see how they are doing.

I also laugh at the difference in tone between local and nation news on how they report the news. Local news works to show us facts and tells us how we can stay safe, meanwhile national news continually broadcasts footage of the dead and dying in order to paint a bleak picture and draw emotion from us. I think what national news is doing is very counterproductive as it is promoting fear and panic rather than teaching us how we can actually get through this crisis.

I feel that as the greatest nation in the world, our republic will weather the storm just like it has many times before.

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