Book Club

Once a month, a group of students meet to talk about murder, heartbreak and dragons.

The book club meets in the library to discuss books with that are part of that month’s theme. After the majority of members graduated last year, the club is looking for new people to join and bring new books and ideas with them to the discussion.

We’re such a small club but hopefully we’ll attract some new members and do some really fun things,” President Emily Luppino said. From personal experience, I can say that people who really love reading are usually more quiet and shy, so book club can help people get out of their shell a little bit around like-minded people.”

The book club is not structured like most book clubs. Instead of reading the same book, members read different books that fall under a shared genre to prepare for club discussions.

“We need a chance to talk about what we’re reading without the pressure of a language arts class,” Luppino said.

The book club has become a place for book-lovers to meet and have conversations about the books they are reading, even if they all read different books.

“Book club is a place to express my ideas and opinions without the judging of people who do not love books as much as we do,” book club member Isabella Niles said.

Luppino said she is looking for new members to join.

“There’s probably a lot of people who want to talk about what they’re reading but don’t know anyone to talk to about it,” Luppino said. “If that’s you, you should join, because we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

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