Endless Love Review

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

        On Tuesday, Endless Love was released early at Regal Gateway 16 in an attempt to publicize

the movie. As a teenage girl, the movie’s target viewer, I was lucky enough to receive a ticket. I’ll admit

walking into the theater I had pretty low expectationsdespite

my love for Alex Pettyfer the trailers made the movie look pretty cheesy. However, to my surprise, the movie wasn’t overly sappy at all. This

being said, I will add that the plot, while entertaining, was extremely unrealistic and a bit overdramatic.

        Endless Love tells the story of two teenagers that fall madly in love shortly after they graduate

from high school. Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde) , the main girl, lost her brother to cancer as a sophomore in high

school and had closed herself off to her classmates ever since. However, it isn’t until the day of her

graduation that she realized how little friends she has. After graduation, Jade and her family attended a

restaurant where David Elliot (Pettyfer), a boy from her high school, worked as the valet. David, who had liked

Jade throughout high school, was quick to spark conversation with her, kicking off their passionate


        Throughout the first half of the movie, you see Jade open up and become the happy teenage girl

she deserves to be. David, who turns out to be extremely charming and warm hearted, provides a new

sense of hope for all of the Butterfield family, except Jade’s father. From the first time Mr. Butterfield

met David he hated him due to his blue collar, bad boy status. Over the course of the film, the rivalry

between these two characters grows, as Jade begins to lose her focus on pursuing a medical career,

putting Jade in a really tough position. This character conflict, while entertaining was a little bit

overblown- it led to car accidents, fists fights, restraining orders and even an awful house fire.

        In the movie’s conclusion David ends up going to college with Jade. While this was a sweet

ending, it seemed irrational for David to move across the country, to a place where he has absolutely no

career, for a girl he knew only two short weeks. However, it was nice to have a happy ending in a

movie filled with so many overblown tragedies.

In the end though, this movie was quite enjoyable and would be a great thing to see on a Valentines date night!