Billy Madison Movie review

xanatha dowden, staff reporter


“Billy Maddison” is a 1995 comedy. It’s directed by Tamra Davis. This movie’s star includes Adam Sandler as the lead role of Billy Maddison and Bridgette Wilson as Veronica Vaughn.


This movie is about a “man-child”, Billy Madison, who has been a spoiled rich kid all his life, and spends his days drinking and partying. When his father, hotel magnate Brian, becomes fed up with his son’s irresponsible ways, he issues an ultimatum. Since Billy passed all his schooling thanks to his father’s influence and bribes, he must retake and pass every grade in 24 weeks. Otherwise, the business will be turned over to Brian’s conniving associate, Eric.


This movie received an award from MTV for Best Comedic Performance by Adam Sandler. It was also nominated for MTV Movie Award. In the tradition of such sophisticated comedies as Wayne’s world,Caddyshack, and Dumb and Dumber is the comedy of Billy Maddison you can get this movie on Netflix and Amazon Prime for free.


I love this movie because you when you watch it you know you will laugh. I love the characters and they all are hilarious. I laugh through the whole movie most of the time. There is a little “language”, but it isn’t that terrible. I would rate it ⅗ stars. This movie is awesome I would recommend if you like the movie “Dumb and Dumber”.”