Vandegrift gains record-breaking amounts of students and teachers

Laura Figi, Spotlight Editor

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Vandegrift, much like the city of Austin, is undergoing significant changes in terms of population. A huge boost in the number of students over the past years has brought the school from a miniscule group of ninth graders in Four Points Middle School to a school that is bursting at the seams and in full demand.

Since 2013, VHS has gone from 4A to a 5A school, soon to be 6A, accumulating more students each year. This year in particular, VHS gained almost 700 freshman and 40 new teachers to compensate for losses and growth in class sizes.

“I feel like I’m still walking on cloud nine—this is a completely different atmosphere than what I’m used to,” new Spanish teacher Maxima Vazquez said. “Here the students are a lot more motivated and completely engaged the moment they walk in the door.”

Many of the new teachers are freshly graduated from school and several of them come from in-state universities such as UT Austin or Texas A&M.

“I am actually extremely pleased with the atmosphere and the students here,” A&M graduate, AP Chemistry and Earth and Space science teacher Chris Edgar said. “They are extremely hard working, diligent and very much have the desire to learn.”

This growth is not only a change in student life, but in academics, UIL, sports, engineering and other organizations. Vandegrift’s school motto: “Second to none,” and something every freshman should learn by heart, only stands to be strengthened.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” freshman Macy Gillespey said. “You think on the first day you’re going to get lost, but really it’s not like that at all. You get people to show you around and everything is going to be okay.”

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