Vandegrift reacts to dress code

Laura Figi, Spotlight Editor

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The Vandegrift dress code has recently been called to attention by posters that have been put up around the school. The posters illustrate common examples of what is inappropriate to wear to school and what corrections should be made.
The posters were made by Mrs. Kalb’s fashion marketing classes and put up to reinforce policies that they felt were commonly misinterpreted or even ignored.
“Remember that there is a time and a place,” business teacher Lindsey Kalb said. “A lot of kids here don’t follow the dress code, and maybe because they’re not aware of it.”
The posters do not present any changes in what already exists in the current dress code, yet they have received mixed feedback from both students and teachers.
“I feel like they’re unnecessary,” junior Madison Whitesides said. “It doesn’t actually enforce anything and it doesn’t tell us what the rules are.”
The posters will be removed completely before the start of the second semester, but will be remade by new classes and distributed throughout the school next year during the first semester.
“If it is extreme enough they should not be forced to wear something else, but they should be told,” junior Ruby Doolittle said. “There should be a freedom of what you wear, but [people] should have the knowledge that guys are going to look at them.”
The dress code guidelines and student handbook can be found on the school website and everyone has access to them.
“I think [the dress code] is pretty good,” Assistant Principal James Larremore said. “Its not overly restrictive, it lets people show their personality, be who they are, while at the same time limits distractions.”

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