Kelly Honts, Web Editor

This weekend many of Vandegrift’s students attended the Austin City Limits music festival downtown.  The festival was three days and hosted an assortment of artist ranging from Eminem to Lana Del Ray to Pearl Jam.

 “My favorite concert was probably Lana,” senior Lauren Conroy said. “I love all her songs and it was such a crazy experience to be able to hear them live”

 The Lana concert, which was Saturday evening, hosted many Vandegrift students including seniors Emily Adams and Jack Hannah who were able to catch one of Lana’s drumsticks.

 “It was an out of body experience,” Adams said. “I love her and it was surreal.”

 In addition to the wide variety of music played at ACL, tons of local Austin restaurants provided tasty treats for in between concerts. Food chains such as Torchey’s, Mighty Cone, Amy’s Ice-cream, and more brought along some of their most popular menu items to sell at concession stands.

 “I was literally so happy they had an Amy’s at ACL,” senior Nikki Keys said. “It was so refreshing after standing in a hot crowd for so long.”

 All of the ACL bands and restaurants will be returning this Fri-Sat for Weekend 2. Scouter tickets are currently available online.