Ingrid Michaelson Concert Success

Kelly Honts , Web Editor

On May 14, singer-songwriter, Ingrid Michaelson, performed downtown at Stubbs, and I was lucky enough to attend.  The quality of the concert was unlike I have ever seen, Michaelson had such an energetic stage presence and filled song transitions with jokes that had the entire audience laughing. In addition Michaelson’s voice was impeccable, sounding the same, if not better, than she does on her albums. Michaelson performed a wide range of her songs throughout the concert, making sure to include not only songs from her newest album “Lights Out”, but classics such as “The Way You Are” and “You and I”. Michelson ended the show after two encore performances.

I highly recommend attending one of her concerts if ever given the chance, even my friends, who knew very little of Michaelson’s songs, loved the show stating that it was “so fun and easy going” and that “Ingrid sounded amazing in person”. The amazing atmosphere of Stubbs combined with mixed with Michaelson’s chill personality made the concert not only quality but fun and laid back as well.