Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Villanueva

Kate Murphy, Staff Writer

An interview with Business Management teacher Mrs.Villanueva about teaching at Vandegrift and what she does in her free time.

1.      What are some things that you enjoy doing when you are not teaching, what are something’s that people may not know about you?
I am happily married and have two wonderful sons, ages 11 and 16. We also have three cats and a dog that are very much a part of our family! When I’m not teaching, I enjoy taking classes, staying healthy and active, and spending as much time on the lake with my family as possible!

 2.       What made you want to teach Business Management?
 Business Management is a great class because it provides students with a broad introduction to the world of business, with a focus on entrepreneurship. Also, many of the skills we discuss are relevant to student’s lives, such as the importance of setting goals, planning, and successfully collaborating. I also teach a variety of other elective classes that I enjoy!

 3.       What is your favorite part about being a teacher at Vandegrift?
There are many reasons why I love teaching at VHS! Our students are so energetic and eager to learn, and I enjoy contributing to students during such an important transitional time of their lives.  Also, I am privileged to work with a very knowledgeable and supportive faculty at VHS. This is a great place to be!

4.      What should students expect for the year?/what is your classroom environment like?
In my classes, students should expect to work hard and have fun along the way. We cover a significant amount of material, but I try to make the content meaningful and practical. In Business Management, students will go through the process of conceiving their own business, including the completion of a comprehensive business plan. I have high expectations for my students, but provide a comfortable and supportive environment to help all students succeed.

 5.      What is one fun fact about yourself? (a hidden talent, special interest, something super cool about you)
One interesting fact about me is that this is my first year teaching high school! After working in our school district as an elementary school teacher for the past few years, it’s been an exciting and rewarding challenge to try something new!