Families Who School Together Stay Together

Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

Having a sibling can be at times both a blessing and a nuisance. Having a sibling that goes to the same school only adds to these emotions. While relying on family for advice about school can lead to closeness, this can also inspire rivalry and competition.

“I feel a huge pressure to do better and that all goes back to a competition for attention. The one who does better gets more attention,” Maria Taylor, junior, said.

This competition is enhanced when siblings share the same activities or have classes that are the same. Sophomore Kelsey Zaroff felt this challenge in her Spanish class last year, which she shared with her sister Ashley.

“Since we were in the same class, we would always compare grades. If we got a quiz handed back I would try to find out what she got,” Zaroff said.

For older siblings that share their knowledge with their younger siblings, this advantage can feel unfair.

“I tell my sister a lot of things about classes like WHAP and helpful hints and how to succeed. I also think, however, that the way they change things between years is unfair. Last year I took the same class as her and was graded differently. Since we’re really competitive and compete in our academics, it sometimes annoys me,” junior Jordan Sekiya said. Jordan’s sister, on the other hand, is happy to have this help.

“We’re really competitive and get on each other’s nerves, but it’s nice to learn from her mistakes and see what she did right and wrong,” sophomore Megan Sekiya said.

The competition between siblings may not be rooted only in academics. While junior Denise Bui says she feels competitive about grades and GPA, her sophomore sister Trudy Bui says that other activities may play a role in competition.

Siblings that are further apart in grades may not feel as competitive. Jonathan Gonzales, sophomore, says that he doesn’t feel competitive with his older sister Moriah and freshman Carly Cox actually enjoys going to school with her sister senior Cody Cox and seeing her in the halls.

“I don’t really get competitive with my sister, because we’re really close, and Cody is always there for me,” Carly Cox said about her sister, who feels the same way.

“I always have someone to count on and go to. I trust her with everything,” Cody Cox said.

Sophomore Alex McKinney feels the same way about her sister Jordan McKinney. Alex believes the two have a normal sister rivalry and don’t try to outdo each other in competing for popularity.

For the most part, siblings may feel competitiveness with their brothers and sisters, but always love the fact that they have a friend and family member to count on.

“Siblings can be a pain in the butt, but sometimes if they go to the same school, you can share a common thread and relate better. I’ve grown closer to my sisters by going to the same school as them,” Denise Bui said.