FCCLA fills ‘Blessing Bags’ for those in need


Marissa Gilbert

FCCLA member Charlotte Saggers fills a Blessing Bag during the club's Thanksgiving party Nov. 14.

Delilah Woods, Staff Reporter

For Thanksgiving, Family Career Community Leaders of America made care bags for the homeless during their Thanksgiving celebration during PIT yesterday. Students in the organization will be distributing these bags filled with daily commodities whenever they see anyone in need.

“Each individual person made a blessing bag,” Vice President and junior Harshita Avirneni said. “We get to put the bag in our cars, and then when we see a homeless person we can give from a bag.”

The blessing bags gave students in FCCLA an opportunity to give back to the community. Students were able to personalize their bags as well, adding hand written notes like Daria Fontani, a junior and chapter officer, did.

“The bags have a large variety of items including mini water bottles, granola bars, bandaids, mints, wipes, and tissues,” Fontani said. “Additionally, each of my bags has a handwritten note meant to encourage the person receiving it and to let them know they are loved and appreciated in this world.”

FCCLA members formed this idea with the intent of spreading generosity and happiness to those in need.

“We wanted to spread the idea that generosity is important and everyone deserves to feel appreciated,” president and senior Camille Digiamo said. “It’s always good to help out.”

The organization encourages others to take on their own projects and continue paying it forward, helping others to make the world a better place.

“By participating, I hope to send out the message to others that it is easy and feasible to make someone’s day,” Fontani said. “Getting together a small group and getting supplies to make these bags does not only require minimal effort, but can be something super fun. I hope me participating ends up sending the message that giving up some sort of your own time is so very worth it, when it means someone else’s quality of life is improved.”