Kieran’s Korner: Mikhael Paskalev

Kieran Daly, Entertainment Editor

In attempt to make sure I am writing frequently for The Voice, something I have to admit I’ve failed on so far this year, I thought I would start a new article style that I would put up once a week. Kieran’s Korner is a weekly article highlighting something I think you should be checking out, whether it’s a new film, musician or even a TV show that is gaining a lot of viewers, or that I just really like. So here goes the first trial.

Recently I stumbled upon a new and interesting musician, Mikhael Paskalev. Paskalev is a Norwegian-Bulgarian singer, songwriter and guitarist from Ålesund. He studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, along with fellow Norwegian artist Jonas Alaska. The two played together for several years in each other’s bands and musical projects. In 2012 he was named the most promising artist by Larm (a Norwegian music festival).His music is very limited outside of his home country as he is a new musician. He currently has an EP out along with three singles that you can listen to on Spotify, Paskalev has also released his first album titled What’s Life Without Losers? As of now I am having trouble finding this album, but hopefully it will release in the U.S. soon.  Mikhael Paskalev should be on your music playlists.