Make VHS a Winner

Kelly Rosenblatt, Editor in Chief

KISSFM Austin is hosting their annual High School Invasion Contest for the next 3-4 weeks. The winning high school will get a private concert from Canadian indie pop duo Tegan and Sara. As of September 16th, Vandegrift is one of the top five contenders.

Touring since the late 90’s, Tegan and Sara have achieved the perfect middle ground between the pop and indie music worlds, creating a vast fan base across the globe. The talented twins and their band have already played in Austin a couple of times this year. First, at one of Waterloo Record’s free SXSW shows, and at Stubbs Bar-B-Q just last Friday. It’s no coincidence that the duo was chosen to host the concert of the Austin HSI concert.

Tegan and Sara have become are a world-wide indie pop sensation. To think that they chose to participate in a contest subject to only Austin High Schools, it kind of blows your mind a little bit. Even if you haven’t heard of them, or any of their music, the HSI is unarguably an awesome opportunity for the school. Maybe you’ve been a fan since you were 7 years old, or maybe you’ve never heard, or cared to hear of them and just want a day off of school. Regardless of your purpose, vote! Make VHS a winner. Voting is unlimited until the 16th of October when the winner will be picked by a panel of judges and the winning school and concert date will be announced.

We all have the chance to make something happen this year, something that no other school in the state, maybe even the country, will get to experience. No risk. All reward. So log on to: and vote for Vandegrift High School as many times as you want.

Everyone remembers different things from their years in High School and an event like this will be remembered differently by everyone, but it will be remembered.  Opportunities like this don’t happen everywhere and VHS can’t win without votes. Vote for a concert, vote for a day off, or vote for a memory but VOTE!