Senior to follow in father’s footsteps


Photo Submitted by Ireland Mccauley

Jax Mccauley (middle) poses with his parents during senior night.

Ireland Mccauley , Contributing Writer

Like father like son. While eye color and height runs in the family, who would have thought playing college football at West Virginia would too?

Senior Jax McCauley has received a variety of college football offers from West Texas A&M up to West Virginia University. McCauley’s father, Brian McCauley, played for the Mountaineers when he was a college student. While he is still debating on where to commit, West Virginia is leading in the senior’s eyes, and he hopes to eventually earn play time.

“My dream school is West Virginia,” Jax said. “I’ve always dreamed of playing there since I was a young kid. My goal is to get on the field. I know how athletic these guys are but with hard work I think that I can earn some field time.”

Jax has been playing football since he was a kid and his father was there through it all. Whether it was coaching him from the sidelines in Pop Warner or cheering him on from the stands his high school career, it is safe to say Brian McCauley is a huge part of his son Jax’s success.

“He’s been there through the beginning,” Jax said. “He’s trained me into the player I am today, pushed me when I needed pushed, encouraged me when I needed some inspiration, and most importantly he’s been my biggest fan through it all and I owe it all to him for making me the player and man I am today.”

Brian Macaulay said that football has been a pivotal piece in his life, and has taught some of the best lessons he knows. Coming from a small town, to a Big XII football school, he is grateful for the opportunity he had to play at WVU.

“My football career was eye opening,” Brian McCauley said. “Going from a small Connecticut school to [a] big time college football, from 10 people on a hill watching my game to 75,000 cheering me on was a very cool experience.”

While playing in college brings Brian McCauley great memories, he said that some of the best moments of his life came from coaching Jax and his friends in Pop Warner football.

“Just watching the same kids now in high school and remembering back to when they were all little and have friendships that started playing Pop Warner is incredible,” Brian said.  “It’s very rewarding. It’s been fun watching him develop and grow, and I can’t wait to watch him take what he knows to college and even get better.”