Viperpalooza was a Success


Emma-Rose Floyd, Staff Writer

The fifth annual school-wide festival and spring football game was this past Friday. Many students attended the event, as well as children and parents in the community.
The night started off with activities and booths from clubs and organizations within the school, run by the students. There was a giant beach ball that students raced each other in, a barrel race with stick horses and cowboy hats, and a bouncy house. There was something for all ages at the event.
“Viperpalooza was a good chance for FFA to get on the map and tell people why we are here,” sophomore Hannah Olsen said.
After the state winners throughout the school year were recognized on the field, the football game took over the carnival, getting students on their feet, excited and active the rest of the night. The night reached its pinnacle when the silver team won the game.
“Viperpalooza was really fun and exciting. It really got students pepped up for football,” sophomore Alyssa Castrillon said.