Injured Viper Athletes Supporting From the Sideline


staff photographer

Alec Paffe on the sideline of the Boerne game after being injured at practice the preceding week.

Taylor Watson, staff writer

   Vandegrift student athletes are hurt: they are playing, participating and practicing, but they’re hurt.

   “A number of varsity football players are injured in some way, but not to the point where they can’t play,” KC Grimes, a student trainer said.

    Grimes and his fellow trainers have treated a number of players, including. After Nate Heitman fell on him during practice, varsity football player Alec Paffe, found himself in a sling on the sidelines under the Friday night lights. His teammate Kyle Elliott has his back iced down frequently, and Heitman’s ankle is often wrapped to relive pressure. But football is only the start. Varsity volleyball’s Madeline Castleman is out until mid October due to a ACL she tore last spring.

    “I was playing volleyball in club, when I hit the ball my knee could not take it and I tore my ACL,” Castleman said.

   Castleman’s one mistake cost her majority of the season; she was on crutches and wore a knee brace, but now she is simply waiting to be back on the court with her team. Madeline still attends all VHS practices and games, where she keeps a positive attitude and looks forward to when she will be able to play again.

    “Tearing my ACL has made it really rough on things I can’t do. I am really limited on activities. I miss being like everyone else,” Madeline said.