The Ranch review

Kate Murphy, Staff Writer

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The Ranch premiered on Netflix last Friday and like any normal binge watcher I finished the whole first season in a week. The Ranch stars Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Sam Elliott. I mean if Sam Elliott’s deep cowboy voice doesn’t intrigue you, I am not sure what else will.

The Ranch takes place in Garrison, Colorado, were ex-semipro football player and high school hero Colt Bennett (Kutcher) returns home after 15 years. Colt comes home to help his brother Rooster (Masterson) and dad Beau (Elliott) on the family cattle ranch.

Colt does not get a warm welcome when he returns home. Rooster thinks that he abandoned the family and Beau believes that Colt doesn’t live up to his potential. Colt and Beau have a heated relationship where Beau never shows any emotion towards anyone and Colt is tired of being the black sheep of the family.

The Ranch is a hilarious comedy, if you enjoy dry humor and sarcasm then you will definitely enjoy this show. The banter is very fast and back and forth, Rooster has the some of the best comebacks ever. The comedy is more directed toward the male audience with all of the jokes, but if you can understand it, you will most likely enjoy it.

This is not the first time that Kutcher and Masterson have been on a show together and it is obvious in how natural they act together. Kutcher and Masterson were on the iconic That 70’s Show which ran from 1998-2006. They have been wanting to work on a show together again for years, and they are both producers of the show.

This is not the traditional role for Kutcher. One of the reasons he enjoys the show is it shows the perspective of middle class ranchers in America. Something that TV is currently lacking. The perspectives, values and beliefs of the collective on this show maybe more accurately represent the masses than the political candidates. Masterson says that the shows humor is rooted in dysfunction and the storylines will strike a chord with many families.

I would 100 percent recommend and it is something that your whole family would enjoy, but disclaimer do be prepared for some raunchy language and slaphappy humor.

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