My Thoughts on Biden’s First 100 Days Agenda


Nicholas Scoggins

So far, the 2020s have not been kind to America. Photo by Nicholas Scoggins

Nicholas Scoggins, Staff Reporter

Former Vice-President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party has become the 46th President of the United States amidst tension and chaos. The economy is in ruins, racial tensions are at an all-time high and American influence is crumbling overseas. Here are my thoughts on his first 100 days agenda.


I do agree with his plans to form a COVID-19 taskforce to oversee the mopping up of COVID-19 and the manufacture and distribution of vaccines. In order to get the economy back up and running, we must first show the public that it is indeed safe to conduct business. What I don’t like, however, is that Biden wishes to cancel student loan debt via putting money in the COVID-19 relief legislation. Cancelling student loan debt has absolutely nothing to do with combatting the economic effects of COVID-19 and will inevitably cause conflict on Capitol Hill when it is discovered by lawmakers opposed to the idea of student loan debt, causing a conflict that will delay COVID-19 economic relief.I do not think it was a good idea for Biden to include that as part of his plan for COVID-19 relief.


On the matters of the U.S. economy, I do feel it is wrong for Biden to remove the tax cut for big businesses. My reasoning is that it will leave less money for businesses to pay their worker’s salaries and cover operating costs, thus deter economic growth and the creation of jobs. It is also reflective of the slide the left sections of the Democratic Party have been taking in recent years, with some of the more radical elements calling for the abolition of the Capitalist economic system all together.


I also disagree with Biden reversing Trump’s immigration policies. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-immigration as hell. My great-grandfather immigrated from an impoverished Greece in 1936 and died a wealthy man after establishing a high-end restaurant in Dallas, living the American dream. However, he came to America legally, he did the correct paperwork at the U.S. Embassy in Athens before travelling to Ellis Island to complete the process of becoming a citizen. Biden wants to grant citizenship to those who did not go through this process, thus compromising the entire system. Imagine the anguish a legal immigrant must feel, going through the legal hurdles of becoming an American citizen only for it to be randomly granted to someone who decided to immigrate illegally. Biden’s policies of laxing border protection will also endanger the lives of those who live on the border. Having border protection isn’t racist, it is just common sense. Without our border protected, drug cartels will have free reign along the border and terrorist organizations will also have a route into the United States. All other countries in the world enforce their borders, why should we give up enforcing ours?


My second biggest gripe is Biden’s plan to “repair” our “alliance” with NATO. He claims that Donald Trump destroyed our relations with NATO and that we must protect the countries of Europe from Russian aggression, however Trump did that for a reason.  Many NATO member states have not been meeting their goal of 2% of GDP spending on their military defense. Germany, one of NATO’s top advocates, has a military so poorly funded that it’s soldiers have to train with broomsticks instead of guns and much of its fleet of tanks and aircraft is inoperable due to lack of funds. Why should we send American soldiers to die for these countries when they don’t take their own security seriously. NATO is supposed to be a collective defense pact for all member states, not a device in which America bails out Europe. Biden also fails to mention our allies in Asia who actually go above and beyond in their defense readiness. South Korea has one of the largest and best equipped armies in the world Japan fields the world’s fourth largest navy by tonnage with a fleet of highly advanced destroyers and a newly constructed pair of light aircraft carriers. This all compared to the collection of countries Biden wants to repair relations with, NATO, who can’t even afford to provide their troops with actual guns.


Despite my criticism of his policies, I still wish Biden good luck on his efforts as the 46th President of the United States, considering the absolute disaster the 2020’s have been so far.