My Thoughts on Abbot’s Recent Initiatives



Texas is still on the road to recovery after the COVID-19 crisis. Photo by Nicholas Scoggins

Nicholas Scoggins, Staff Reporter

On Feb. 1, Gov. Greg Abbot gave his State of the State address to the people of Texas, in which he outlined his policies for the upcoming year. Here are my thoughts on some of the policies he discussed on camera.


I extend my support to Abbot on his laissez-faire economic policy. Keeping taxes and business regulations low while also minimizing state expenditures are things that I feel keeps our state the economic powerhouse that it is. This has been proven true by how many businesses are leaving the supposedly prosperous state of California, which has frequent government intervention in the economy and crushing taxes, to our great state. These businesses have brought with them new jobs and money to our economy.


I also extend my support to Abbot for proclaiming that Texas would challenge any attempt by the federal government to encroach on our state’s second amendment rights. For too long, the Democratic Party has sought to restrict this constitutional right, not understanding the consequences that such restrictions would bring. Our state, and it’s beautiful wildlife, are under siege from feral hogs, which are an invasive species. These pigs destroy farmland, kill both our wildlife and people, and are multiplying in massive numbers. Due to the massive danger posed by these creatures and the numbers in which they group, many hunters look to more powerful weapons such as the AR-15 in order to safely eliminate these beasts. However, the recently inaugurated Biden administration has sought to ban the sale of firearms like these, meaning that Texans will be hamstrung in their efforts to remove feral pigs as a threat to Texas. Imagine trying to take on a massive hog charging at you and only having a bolt action rifle with five rounds. Hunting invasive species isn’t the only use for firearms, however all of these uses will be hampered if the Biden administration moves forward with its plan to restrict guns for law abiding citizens. Thus I feel Abbot is making a wise choice with his plan to legally resist Biden’s gun control efforts.


Abbot is also wise to overturn the ludicrous decisions to defund police departments that were enacted by Texan cities in the wake of racial unrest. It was absolutely foolish of cities like Austin to appease the mob by endangering people of all backgrounds and I agree with Abbot’s decision to overturn the actions of local governments.


One thing I disagree with Abbot on, however, is his move to completely ban abortion. While I agree abortion should be outlawed during the latter stages of pregnancy unless the mother’s life is at risk, I don’t think it is right to ban abortions in the earlier stages when some people don’t believe the fetus is not a living organism. I feel the opposition by the Republican Party to the act of abortion has alienated many potential supporters because it makes the party look backwards and controlling to the average citizen. Regardless of your position on abortion, the Republican Party is supposed to be about fighting big government, telling a women what she can do when she is pregnant completely goes against this principle.  


Overall, I feel Abbot has a solid set of initiatives to work with for this year. Texas is the shining gem in America’s crown, and I feel Abbot’s decisions will help keep things that way.