“Stolen” book review

Stolen, a thriller, written by Lucy Christopher was published in 2009

Arabella Villarroel

Stolen, a thriller, written by Lucy Christopher was published in 2009

Arabella Villarroel, Staff Reporter

Ty is obsessed with Gemma. Of that she is certain– why else would he have kidnapped her and taken her all the way to Australia? 

Stolen by Lucy Christopher written in 2009. This thriller follows 16-year-old Gemma Toombs from the moment she is kidnapped in Bangkok airport to waking up in a cabin in the middle of the desert in Australia. 

The story is told from the perspective of Gemma as we slowly discover more and more of what went into her kidnapping. The planning, the years of stalking, and the overall execution of the plan. Everything slowly unfolds as we learn more about Ty, and the land, and his love of her. 

Christopher writes the story in such a way that we learn along with Gemma. Every detail revealed is a surprise to the reader. The description in the story is phenomenal, I have never seen an Australian desert, but after reading the story I felt like I did. I was able to see in my mind the sandy dunes, the rocks, the sand, the blazing sun. It felt so real to me when reading. I was able to imagine running my fingers through the sand, looking up at the sky, and the chill of the night. 

Overall, it brought an array of emotions. There was the feeling of confusion of all the unknown details at the beginning. I especially felt a lot of connection as Ty and Gemma’s relationship grew and evolved. From first meeting her in the airport to in the desert. We are able to grow with them, especially with Ty. Every chapter something new is revealed about him, such as his backstory, and it changed your perspective of him. The whole plot was a love hate relationship.

Everything is described in such an emotionally evoking way, from Gemma being scared when learning for how long she had been stalked, or when Ty burst in on her having a meltdown. All the pages were scenes from a movie. It flowed well and there were no plot holes. Every detail left on a cliffhanger had an answer later in the book. The puzzle slowly came together as I read through it.

The book was a 10/10 for me. The ending I must say, which left on a cliffhanger, left me so upset. I had gotten so invested in the story, and the relationship that had slowly built. It left off with a half-resolution; there’s a fork in the road, and two choices, but we never know which one gets picked. 

Stolen really brings it all, it’s a mix of mystery, romance, sacrifices, and change. It follows Gemma and Ty as slowly they come together. In a desert that vast, with no one for hours but each other, they were bound to bond.