My Opinion on Biden’s Address to Congress


White House

Last night, President Biden gave an address to Congress. Photo by White House

Nicholas Scoggins, Staff Reporter

Last night, President Biden delivered an address to a session of Congress outlining his plans for the year. Here are some of my thoughts on his policies and statements.


I feel Biden already made a mistake in the first part of his speech by calling the January 6 Capitol Riot the worst attack on our American values since the Civil War. Here is why I think that is wrong. He merely mentions the incident due to its symbolic value of taking place on our Capitol and how it benefits his party. He completely ignored when Japan assaulted our naval base at Pearl Harbor and killed 2000 American servicemen, and when the Third Reich subsequently commenced hostilities against our nation because they wanted to extinguish the light of freedom. Biden also completely ignores 9/11, when terrorists who hate our everyday way of life murdered nearly 3000 people.


I also feel that Biden taking credit for the COVID vaccination effort is wrong. The reason I state that is because it was the Trump Administration that got the vaccines approved, the machinery to distribute them created and the process to begin the injections underway. The only reason I feel that Biden is taking credit for it is because by the time the vaccination effort got under way, Biden had just taken office.


While I can definitely agree with Biden on his idea of bringing back the American economy, I don’t like how he is going about it. He says he wants to bring jobs back, but his plan wants to increase taxes on businesses and the wealthy. The reason why I believe this is a flawed approach is because by taking money from businesses, they will have less money to grow their business and thus they will have less jobs available, therefore completely negating the whole idea of his plan.  


I also disagree with his idea to overturn right to work legislation. America is supposed to be a free country. Shouldn’t workers have a choice in whether or not they join a union? Well if Biden overturns right to work, you can be forced to join a union as a condition of employment at certain jobs. I also think that it is wrong for Biden to increase the minimum wage to $15 because by increasing the minimum wage, businesses simply won’t have the money to hire more workers, thus less jobs will be created. 


In addition, I don’t feel Biden’s plan to have two years of community college made free is what America needs. I state this because when school is made free for people, they tend to not take their studies seriously. Look at how chaotic public school is already; when the government pays for your education, you take your schooling for granted. If Biden were to make the first two years of college free for all, imagine how many people who take advantage of their free pass and thus government money will be wasted.


I also take issue with Biden’s statement that “America is back” in terms of foreign policy. Back to what? Western European member states taking advantage of our guarantees of protection in order to neglect their military responsibilities? Are we back to China running circles around us in everything from economics to military strength? American foreign policy before Trump was not working for the betterment of our country. Don’t get me wrong, not everything Trump did for foriegn policy was good, however it was an absolute trainwreck before he came to power, when previous presidential administrations tore apart the peaceful world order crafted by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev at the conclusion of the Cold War.


I feel that if Biden really wants to solve the issues facing America, he needs heavy adjustments to his plans in order to bring America’s economy back, otherwise I feel the problems all Americans face will be made far worse.